Mike is a singer/songwriter from New Bern, NC playing a combination of classic rock, folk, and his original songs.  He has a unique sound that combines the best of folk, country, and rock. His songs are inspired by loving and living on the water. He also draws inspiration from daily life in New Bern, and from the people that come and go.

One of Mike’s favorite pastimes is sailing. He had a beautiful 23 foot ComPac Dawntreader, named after the ship in CS Lewis’s Narnia series (but has recently downsized to a ComPac 16, Serenity). His two girls–Jenny and Liz–along with his wife Ann have spent many nights aboard Dawntreader, weathering nor’easters, enjoying idyllic sunny days…and everything in between. Sailing and music were a large part of the girl’s experience growing up…and both girls have fond memories of their trips.  Another one of his passions is retreating to the “off the grid” log cabin that he built.

Currently, Mike lives with Ann (his wife of 45 years), (and her dogs Taco & Junior) in New Bern, NC.  Mike has retired from his day job as a clinical psychologist and is now a musician .

Using his own songs, in addition to 70’s rock and folk, Mike tailors the song set to the venue and audience.